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Jun 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
security but invests in the economy. it's more about who we are. i'm very hopeful. >> senators get back to work on capitol hill behind me in this 15 minutes. we expect to hear from senator reid. back to you. >> joe biden is one in the immigration leading the charge for this. >> it's time to provide a fair, reformed unfettered pass to citizenship for $11 million undocumented immigrants. >> he spoke at a awards banquet in las vegas and says this is part of the future of america. >>> and san francisco state senator leland yee will hold a news conference in support of immigration reform. he will unveil a measure that pardons 11 million immigrants and branses them similar immigration rights as same-sex couples. >>> a new volunteer center has been launched for sierra lamar. they've moved to central high school. it used to be at burnett elementary. sierra's father, steve, made the move will allow volunteers to rico -- refocus on finding her. now, antolin garcia-torres has been charged with her murder. >>> a shooting happened about 10:00 at 6th and natoma. the victim was shot twice but is expec
Jun 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
-- cooler as we go into sunday. >>> on top of syria, the taliban and the global economy, president obama's addressing another important topic today in a speech in germany. >> i intended to seek negotiated cuts with russia. >> you who this change might impact our national security. >>> was it a terrorist attack? a new report on a plane crash 17 years ago off long island. the question questions in this case. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >>> clear skies except for a few patches of fog. it will be cool to start off. not as windy. but very nice visibility. highs warmer. >>> new pictures to show you. a reported tornado yesterday
Jun 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
next year, all all this because the u.s. economy is doing better. taking a live look at the big board, all the u.s. markets are down about 1.5% right now. the dow currently down 215. the nasdaq is down 44. s&p down 24. it's even sharper downattorneys overseas. >>> at -- sharper downturns overseas. >>> home sales jumped last month. that puts adjusted annual rate at 5.2 million homes. that's the highest rate in three and a half years which occurred as a buyer tax credit deadline was approaching. the medium price was 209,000, the highest level since 2008. economists say both the numbers indicate the housing market recovery is continuing. >>> americans filed 18,000 more applications for unemployment benefits last week. that put the number of new claims at 354,000. economists say that's still consistent with modest but steady growth in the job market. jobless claims are down 6% from the start of this year. >>> it was certainly a big story here at ktvu news. and now it's a big movie. "fruitvale station" the movie comes to oakland tonight. pam cook is in the studio to tell us about the speci
Jun 17, 2013 7:00am PDT
interspark trade and economy. but because some of these countries disagree how to handle the blood shed in syria, that situation is expected to be a top priority. sadly puten is very outspoken -- vladimir puten is very outspoken about president obama's plan. the two are expected to talk privately. a new cnn poll shows that president obama's approval rating has taken a dive. last month, 58% supported president obama. now just 45% of the job he's doing. that's an 18-month low. we'll take a closer look at president obama's schedule for the remainder of the g8 summit when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> david cameron is among those attending the summit. this morning he refused to comment hon a hacking scandal -- on a hackle scandal involving the government. the newspaper there reported that britain's spy agency hacked into e-mails. >>> this morning, the white house is also defending the nsa's secret surveillance program of phone and internet records. white house chief of staff denis mcdonough says the program is constitutional and carefully monitored. he also says the u
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4